A vacant building in Toledo could soon see new life thanks to Promedica.

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Common’s Father Passes Away

Tuesday, 16 September 2014 by

In a sad bit of news, Common’s father, Lonnie “Pops” Lynn, passed away last Friday at the age of 71. The Chicago-bred MC, who’s real name is Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr., broke the news during an interview with ABC where he praised his father for the way he looked at life. “He was truly a natural poet and master of words. His personality and soul shined through his work,” said Common. “The way he said things made me look at life and the world in a new way, in a different way. They always sparked a thought in my head. His words would always make me strive to achieve higher, to write better, to be more truthful with my words.”

Our thoughts are with Common and his family during this difficult time. Rest In Paradise, Pops.

[ABC News]

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MC Lyte Featuring Common “Dear John”

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After wowing the nation with his hit record, “Blurred Lines,” Robin Thicke was dubbed a genius. While he credited himself for the creation of the song, it appears that everything Robin once told the media was a complete and utter lie. Thicke spoke earnestly of Pharrell to The Hollywood Reporter and eventually spilled the beans in regards to the origin of the record.

“I was high on vicodin and alcohol when I showed up at the studio. So my recollection is when we made the song, I thought I wanted — I — I wanted to be more involved than I actually was by the time, nine months later, it became a huge hit and I wanted credit. So I started kind of convincing myself that I was a little more part of it than I was and I — because I didn’t want him — I wanted some credit for this big hit. But the reality is, is that Pharrell had the beat and he wrote almost every single part of the song.”

In past interviews, Thicke took credit for the song and lied simply because he wanted to take all of the glory. When he was interviewed by GQ, he originally cited a Marvin Gaye song as a source of inspiration.

“Pharrell and I were in the studio and I told him that one of my favorite songs of all time was Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up.” I was like, ‘Damn, we should make something like that, something with that groove.’ Then he started playing a little something and we literally wrote the song in about a half hour and recorded it.”

As far as what caused Thicke to lie from the get-go, he said that he “had a drug and alcohol problem for the year” and “didn’t do a sober interview.”

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A semi rollover is causing the closure of the right lane of I-75 southbound and I-280 southbound at the I-75/I-280 interchange in north Toledo.

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Happy Birthday Flo Rida!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014 by

Born and raised in Carol City, Fla., Flo Rida exploded on the scene with his debut album Mail On Sundays with four singles that charted on Billboard 100 with “Low,” “Elevator,” “In The Ayer” and “Roll.” He would go on and release three more albums, amassed over 75 million downloads worldwide and many hit records

Happy Birthday, Flo Rida!

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The board does have the authority to approve the assessment on its own, but it wants public input.

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