Those that are happy Drake and Chris Brown have finally deaded their longstanding beef have hip-hop producer Mally Mall to thank. The California rap veteran recently revealed it was him who helped the Drizzy and Breezy bury the hatchet and brought the two artists together in the studio. “They were in Vegas, and that’s when we squashed the beef,” he told a TMZ camera man. “I initiated it. We finished it, and wrapped it up.”

Mall was mum on what the two worked on in his studio, but he did confirm they were working on “a project.” He also went on to say the truce was genuine and Rihanna’s name was never brought up during the studio session. “It’s definitely all love,” said Mall. “I think everybody gets the picture now. You act like a jump off you get treated like one.”

Many believe the Drake and Chris Brown’s beef stemmed from their relationships with Ri Ri. At the height of the rift, Brown and Aubrey’s crews had an infamous bottle throwing brawl inside W.i.P nightclub in NYC in 2012. But, according to Mall, the past is the past.

Check out the clip, above.

[via TMZ]

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