Jeremy King, age 30, was taken to Bay Park Hospital with a stabbing wound in the upper right torso.

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Producer and reality star, Stevie Jordan aka Stevie J, was released from prison earlier this afternoon after posting a $25,ooo bail. Stevie J was taken in to custody Monday in Georgia for allegedly owing his baby mama more than one million dollars in child support.

According to the criminal complaint filed against the Grammy Award-winning producer, Stevie J stopped paying child support for two of his children (one born in 1997, the other in 1998) after 2001. In total, he racked up a record $1,107,412 in overdue payments. After making $300,000 from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta in 2013, Jordan also failed to make a voluntary payment within the first nine months.

While he’s walking the streets a free man now, his legal troubles aren’t completely dealt with. Stevie J will have to appear in court in New York for a criminal child support case, where he could possibly face up to two years in prison for failing to pay child support.

Check out the footage of him being arrested below:



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People don’t remember but Columbus Short kicks ASSSSSSSSS! This dude used to wreck shop, when he was a dancer or something. He used to stomp the yard. Well, now he stomps his enemies. On “Scandal,” he talks like Dark Knight and in real life he wrecks shop like Batman too. The only thing is Shorty,


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