Tisha Lee in the Mid-day

Tisha Lee in the mid-day. 10am to 3pm every weekday on the juice 107.3The Juice makes your midday full of the best brand new music and classic Hip-Hop and R&B that’s exciting during your workday. Listeners and businesses call in during the All-Request Lunch Break, the topics of the day, and even vote on the Top 1 at 1.

This show is totally interactive! Listeners love tuning in and being a part of the fun. Once again the Middays are powerful!

On the radio, on the Tune In app, and all over social media middays on The Juice reaches people like no other radio station does.

WARNING: The Juice FM 107.3 is not responsible if you get fired for paying attention to the radio and NOT focusing on your job!

The Juice

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